Marble Pygan Dinning Set Furniture + 6 Sitting Dining Chairs

  • 28 QTZ marble ratings
  • Alluring White hues with brown colour edges of chairs
  • curved back rest for comfortability
  • Beautiful brown designs on table top
  • value for money
  • cute table and chair designs
  • very thick and  quality marble table top



This Pygan Marble dining set Furniture  was designed to make your dining experience an forgettable one in homes and hotels.Long lasting and durable dining sets Comfortable ergonomic chairs Can be used at home and restaurants for dining sessions.  This Dining set  comes in a royal white colour  to match any living room upholstery. It has a very  attractive white  hue which is pleasant to sight and great for every dinning rooms. Beautiful designs.Circular glass table  beautifully designed to give it a royal and astonishing style

Additional information

Weight 130 kg


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